PL 2540 series modular belt have 1" (25.4mm) pitch and 0.35" (8.8mm) thickness. It provides incline and decline conveyor applications with the help of different sizes of product support. PL 2540 series modular belts are designed not only for optimizing rigidity and longer wear life but also strength and reliability. With its unique lockpin system, PL 2540 series enables easy assembly and a minimum downtime

PL 2540 Series

Meat and poultry applications; general conveyance, tray conveying, packaging lines and inclined conveyors

Seafood applications; inspection tables, grading lines, washing lines

Fruit and vegetable applications; elevators, inspection tables, washing and packaging lines

Beverage applications; accumulating tables, infeed to packaging, palletizers and de-palletizers

Can manufacturing applications; accumulation tables, mass handling, palletizers and de-palletizers

Corrugated applications; production line and downstacker

Logistics; transport and separating applications •Tyre production lines

Material handling; incline applications, packaging lines, palletizers and de-palletizers

PL 2540 Series Features and Benefits

High wear resistance

Strong and bi-directional run

Long lifetime, easy maintenance

Special design and applications