PL 1270C

PL 1270 series modular belt have 0.5" (12.7mm) pitch and 0.35" (8.8mm) thickness. Especially suitable for short transportation range for can, plastic bottles and carton boxes with high speed conveyors. PL 1270 series modular belts are designed not only for small turning radius but also for high speeds with noiseless property.

PL 1270 Series Modular Belt Use in the Following Industries and Applications

•Meat and poultry applications like general conveyance, tray conveying, packaging lines and inclined conveyors

•Seafood applications like inspection tables, grading lines, washing lines

•Bakery industry including pan applications, internal transport, metal detectors and packaging lines

•Beverage applications like accumulating tables, infeed to packaging, palletizers and de-palletizers

•Can manufacturing applications like accumulation tables, mass handling, palletizers and de-palletizers

•Corrugated applications like production line and downstacker

•Material handling applications like packaging lines, palletizers and de-palletizers